BW Unlimited, llc
North East, Maryland
BW Unlimited, llc
North East, Maryland
the Charity Fundraising Experts at BW Unlimited take the
stress off of your shoulders and bring back the “Fun” in

Whether this is your first charity fundraising event, or you’re a
veteran event planner, one fact is a certainty: There are no “do-

Behind every successful fundraising event is a careful plan,
developed with specific goals and milestones – not to mention a
time line and budget.  You need a way to measure success with
the knowledge of how to bring it all together.  One of the
biggest mistakes a fundraising committee can make is to plan a
party and then hope it makes money.  The better path – the
one with the greatest opportunity for success – is to plan for a
successful fundraiser, then make it FUN!  But just “willing it to
happen” simply won’t cut it.  Successful events start with a
carefully laid out business plan.

Furthermore, understanding the current trends in successful
fundraising is absolutely key to your ultimate success.  
Fundraising trends are like clothing, trends change constantly.  
And that’s where we come in.  BW Unlimited can assist you with
developing that plan from start to finish.  With help from our
professional consultants, you’ll be on your way to exceeding
your goals.  Plus, you’ll have a great time doing it.  
during the actual event as well, if you wish.  
Fundraising doesn’t have to be a nail-biting
experience.  Let us show you how to put the
fun back into fundraising.  Contact us today
to learn more about our products and
services that are at your disposal for any
event you want to make successful.

Regardless of your level of experience, for
the people attending your event, this is
their first impression – of you, your
committee, and your cause.”

George F. Wooden, CEO, BW Unlimited
Take your event from an everyday fundraiser to a “Rock Star” Event that everyone will be talking
about for years to come with the help from BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising.
Pre-Event Consulting
Committee Management
Donation ideas & Review
Sponsorship/Underwriting direction
Fundraising Platforms Planning/management - Silent & Live Auction,
Event Raffles and Games (this
includes also consultation on Raffles which are not effective)
Silent and Live Auction item planning
Venue Site visits & contract review
Timeline establishment
Graphically designed Invitations and Social Networking banners
Ticket Sales consultation with approach to massive sales
Floor Plan management for effective fundraising platforms
Event Services
Event Set Up
Bidder Registration (providing all Bidder Cards & Bidder Registration)
Silent Auction - Provide all bidder sheets & Equipment, Set Up
Silent Auction Closeout
Event Time Line Management
Master of Ceremonies & Charity Auctioneer
Live Auction Clerk
Silent Auction Closeout and management
Event Close Out assistance

Post Event
Post Event Follow Up
Financial Reporting
Are you looking for someone to
handle your event from top to bottom?
BW stands ready to serve!