Welcome to the BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising Representative Page.  This is a
SECRET Page on our website which will provide you immediate access to everything
you need to be successful.  Below you can download all the current catalogs.  
BWUCF Autographed Memorabilia Current Catalog - 07/30/18

This catalog contains Celebrity, Music & Sports Memorabilia.  All the items come with a Certificate of
Authenticity (COA) and many come with a photo of the item being autographed.
BWUCF Jewelry Current Catalog - 08/13/18

This catalog contains mainly women's jewelry but it also contains men's items.  All rings come in Size 7/8 - we
do not and will not offer other sizes.
BWUCF  National Decor Catalog - 08/21/18

This catalog contains Decor items (many have FACSIMILE autographs - means not truly signed - and copies of
BWUCF Items Contract

This is an example of our items contract.  A similar contract will be sent to you and then you
send it to your client.  You do nothing, we do it and send it to you.  Read it and get familiar
with what the contract says so that you can tell the charities you are speak with.
Click the above photo for
our Items Contract
BW Unlimited Representatives Page Only
Charity Travel Packages website - www.CharityTravelPackages.com

Click the CTP Logo to the left and it will redirect you to the Charity Travel Package
website.  Get familiar with the website and how it works - the "Suitcase" to the right side
of the description is where the actual Auction Placard is.  "Click It" and you will see a
.PDF open up.  That .PDF is what your client downloads and prints for their auction.
BW Unlimited LLC. Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure Agreement

Prior to becoming a BW Representative, all are required to read, sign and submit a
Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to represent our company and ultimately be
compensated.  If you do not or have not signed this document, you are not authorized to act
on behalf of BW Unlimited LLC.  This is a non-negotiable issue.
Click the above photo to
download the document