BW Unlimited, llc
Baltimore, Maryland
BW Unlimited, llc
North East, Maryland
BW Unlimited is here to Help your Charity Fundraising effort. The process is easy! All profits go directly to your charity and no risk
and no cost to you!
1. Contact BW Unlimited
Let us know a little bit about you and the
charity you represent. We take the time to
discover your needs wants and start
down the path to helping best service you!
2. Pick your NO RISK items
BW will send you catalogs and advice you
what will work best for your charity
Fundraising needs. We base everything on
our experience as to what will work and
what will not work. We stay focused on the
4. BW ships you the items
After selecting all the items you
wish to present at your event, we
ship them directly to you. You host
them at your event. They are sold
via Auction, silent auction , raffles.
We advise you on which best
vehicle to move your items and
generate Profit.
6. Your Charity Keeps The Profit!
It is that simple, every item that is sold, you
keep 100% of the profit. Are you required to
sell everything? Absolutely not, you sell
what you can and keep the earnings from
each item that is bought at your Charity
5. Host Your Event
Now the Fun Starts, enjoy your event and
watch the excitement that surrounds the
incredible display and assortment of
Auction items.
7. Send Back all remaining items
problem. Simply take pack them up in the boxes
they came in, drop them off to a UPS facility near
you and ship them back to us! It is THAT EASY!
3. Make the arrangement
We will find out the details and
specifics of your event, time and
place. We will send you an
agreement which spells out all the
details so you know you have all
your bases covered.
Take a quick look into our world and the events we produce all across North America.  All are exciting and highly successful.  
We pride ourselves in taking our events to the next level and higher.

Ask yourself - Do you want to be a Charity Fundraising Rockstar?