BW Unlimited, llc
Baltimore, Maryland
What up front fees do we have to pay to get No Risk Auction Items for our next event?
We often hear this exact question but the answer remains...nothing.  There are no up front fees, no post dated checks, no credit card applications - nothing.  We also
hear "This is too good to be true."  Well, it's good and it's true but it's not too good to be true.  You let us know what will work best at your next Charity Fundraising
What kind of Events does BW Unlimited assist with?
The fundraising experts with BW Unlimited have assisted with every type of fundraising event that could possibly be.  From exclusive Black Tie Events to
Conservation (Hunting/Fishing) fundraisers, BW Unlimited has hosted and has the capability to assist with any and all fundraising events.  Furthermore, BW
Unlimited assists nonprofits with
Golf Outings as well as National Conventions and Sporting Clay shoots…all are effective fundraising events.

What does “No Risk Auction Item” mean?
We are asked all the time what does No Risk Auction Item mean.  Basically this, over the many years we have been assisting nonprofits all over the United States,
we have been lucky enough to begin business relationships with some of the nation’s best Memorabilia and excursion providers.  Based on this professional and
contractual relationship, these providers allow BW Unlimited to provide these items on a “Consignment” basis.  These items are given to BW Unlimited for use by
their exclusive list of nonprofit clients, to assist in raising money for their mission at their events.  The Consignment prices are well below wholesale and if they do
not sell, these items are sent back and nothing is paid for them.  However, if the items sell at the events, then the client need only pay the low consignment cost and
keep the profit made from the item.  Basically, there is “No Risk” because if it doesn’t sell, it is returned.

Can we get Memorabilia or Charity Travel Packages from BW Unlimited?
BW Unlimited is asked frequently if nonprofits can acquire items such as the memorabilia or excursions only, the answer to this is Yes.  BW Unlimited provides their
long list of exclusive No Risk Auction items to their clients across North America and is truly considered to be the Premier Fundraising "One Stop Shop."  BW
Unlimited offers Charities everything they could possibly want or need with top-notch customer service.  The BW Unlimited difference is that we truly believe that our
"No Risk Auction Items" have to be offered at extremely low prices so that our Charity Partners profit.  BW Unlimited offers these items at absolutely "rock bottom"
prices and we urge everyone to compare our items against all others.  For these reasons, this is the primary reason BW Unlimited is the #1 searched fundraising
firm on Google.  

What does BW Unlimited charge?
BW Unlimited is paid directly from the event and not out of the pockets of the nonprofit.  Please contact us today to learn more.  We provide several differing services
packages from a total "Turn Key" Event to providing a host of "No Risk Auction Items" only.

How can BW Unlimited help our organization even if we are on the other side of the country?
The fundraising experts from BW Unlimited have hosted events all over the country.  Prior to the fundraising event, BW’s personnel will travel to your site and meet
your team.  During the planning stages, you will be provided with all the leadership and direction you need.  For the event itself, BW Unlimited will be onsite to host
and manage the event as well as lead your team to the success it deserves.

Is the signed memorabilia authentic?
All of the Signed Memorabilia, whether it be Celebrity or Sports have Certificates of Authenticity.  These items are from the nation’s leading memorabilia providers
with a very long history of professionalism.  BW Unlimited refuses to carry any item which it's authenticity is questionable.  All of our items are 3rd Party authenticated
100% of the time. BW Unlimited provides a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with every item which is autographed and will not accept any item from a provider which
the authenticity is questionable.

How many people do we need to hold a fundraiser?
In order to host a successful fundraising event, an organizations needs to gather as many volunteers as possible.  A successful fundraising event cannot be held
with only a handful of people.  The more volunteers the better.  Furthermore, volunteers are needed to help sell tickets and work your event.  Gather as many
volunteers as possible and let’s get started!!!

How long after we hire BW Unlimited to plan & manage our event, can we have a fundraiser?
If you would like us to help you and your charity plan, manage and host you event "On Site", there must be at least a three (3) month window.  There are so many
issues that need to be addressed and handled, three (3) months out is adequate.  However, based on bookings, the sooner you book…the sooner you can pick a
date for your event.  We can help by providing an on site staff, Auctioneer, Event Set Up, Event Management & Planning of raffles and much more.

Does BW Unlimited do more than fundraising events?
BW Unlimited has been fortunate to assist some of the nation’s well known nonprofits get into the national spotlight.  BW Unlimited assists nonprofits with Branding
and Brand identity, Organizational Marketing, Chapter Launch and Organizational Structuring.  BW Unlimited assists with Regional Director Services, Organizational
Merchandising, Membership Services as well as a menu of other services.