BW Unlimited, llc
Baltimore, Maryland
Complete Event Management:

Do you know or do you remember how stressful it was planning and
managing your event?  Did you have time to spend with your guests or even
enjoy your event?  Did you even have time to eat?

Let the Expert Charity Fundraisers at BW Unlimited take the stress totally off
your shoulders, helping your event reach even higher goals while taking the
stress totally off of your shoulders.  Our Event services begin with the
planning stages, all the way through to a Post Event Analysis and reporting.

Prior to your event, BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising will give you expert
direction and help guide your staff to an incredible event ensuring your time
is not wasted.  Our Pre-Event Services include:

Pre-Event Consulting
Expert Charity Fundraising Event Planning
Committee Management
Donation ideas & Review
Sponsorship/Underwriting direction
Venue Site visits & contract review
Graphically designed Invitations and Social Networking banners
The Day of the event, the BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising Staff will act
as your event staff, assisting you with the following Event Services:

Event Set Up
Bidder Registration including Bidder Cards & Bidder Registration Forms
Silent Auction - Provide all bidder sheets & Equipment, Set Up
Silent Auction Closeout
Event & Time Line Management
Master of Ceremonies
Expert Charity & Benefit Auctioneer
Live Auction Clerk
Expert Bid Spotters
Direct Plea “Fund a Need” or “Paddle Raise”
Silent Auction Closeout and management
Event Close Out assistance

After your event, BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising will meet with you and your staff to
conduct follow up analysis and provide you with precise Event Financial Reporting.  
Furthermore, you will be provide copies of the Bidder Registration Forms, Silent Auction Bid
Sheets, Live Auction Receipts, Direct Plea Receipts.

Let us help you take all of the stress off of your shoulders and put the “Fun” back in
 Contact us today for a more detailed outline of all of our Charity Fundraising