BW Unlimited, llc
Baltimore, Maryland
BW Unlimited’s Iron-Clad Motto is Always “Charity First”

Our sole focus is on high-impact, entertaining fundraising events for
charities all across North America.  Whether it’s an exclusive black-tie
auction or a relaxed charity fundraising event, we’ve got you covered.  
We will gladly assist you with planning, organizing and managing your
event so that it draws the masses and is the “talk of the town.”

We boast a wide array of no risk auction items ranging from Charity
Travel Packages, 3rd Party Authenticated autographed memorabilia,
incredible decorative items to fine jewelry.  We want to make sure your
next event is an enjoyable and memorable occasion for all while
keeping both you and your committee as stress free as possible.
George Wooden
George is proudly a highly decorated, retired Maryland State Trooper and former United States
Marine, serving both his state and country for 24 years.  George truly believes that Integrity is
key to his life and what BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising was founded on and remains true to
this day.

With a background of nearly 25 successful years in the charity fundraising world, George has
the unique ability to quickly diagnose problems with fundraising events that are negatively
affecting the final results.  George routinely does both Video and written Blogs, consulting
charities all over the world on successful fundraising trends. He has become the foremost
charity fundraising expert in regard to the planning and execution of highly successful
fundraising events.  His overall understanding of the "Reality of Charity Fundraising" is
unmatched and gives a unique perspective to what charities must accomplish in order to be successful. His ability to correct issues with successful
alternatives has proven to be almost unparalleled and makes George an asset to any charitable fundraiser.  He has been consulted by organizational
leaders and volunteers across the nation for his opinions and advice on failing events.  As a Maryland State Trooper for 20 years, George developed a
superb sense of integrity and remains unwavering in his goals to help you succeed.  While other charitable providers will cut corners to raise their individual
profits, George refuses to provide questionable items and stands firm on 3rd party authentication practices. George is considered to be the top fundraising
even manager in North America.  Well respected by non-profits and businesses all over the country, his impeccable reputation has brought together
numerous sources to make BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising the go-to charitable fundraiser in North America.
Jeanne Wooden
Vice President/Owner
Jeanne is the backbone behind the company, managing the day to day operations.  In the picture to the
left, she is with Major League Baseball Hall of Fame player "Johnny Bench
" at a very large Gala in
Washington D.C. for 1,800 people for the National Guard in which BW Unlimited was asked to host an
extremely large Silent Auction and the Live Auction - which raised an unbelievable $1.8 Million Dollars.

Jeanne manages a large staff while also being the Event Floor Manager at all events which BW Unlimited
Charity Fundraising hosts across the nation.  Her uncanny ability to manage the cash flow, track the
fundraising dollars while also keeping "Team BW" motivated to continue to raise more and more money is
exceptional.  She is George's wife while also being the mother of their son George.  Her likeable
personality along with her ability to manage high stress levels is what makes her an incredible asset to all
of our clients.
Saul A. Escudero, Jr.
West Coast Regional Manager/Auctioneer & MC
If you are on the west coast, definitely "Call Saul."  Known for his exceptional Performance. Brilliant Networking.
Saul A. Escudero, Jr. Why do some businesses succeed while others fail? There can be many reasons, but they
usually all point back to how well that business can foster connection. To prosper, one must create and maintain a
system of linkage with vital business lifelines. Native to southern California, Saul Escudero has worked a lifetime to
create connections to the entertainment industry that are second to none. Dedicated to providing the direction and
leadership necessary to help a business succeed, he has long served as a resource center to the sports
entertainment and motion picture industry. Saul possesses skills that can easily put your project in the view of key
players in multiple markets. Engaging customers is his strength, in order to meet or exceed the sales goals of any
company that retains his many talents.